Capped Bust Dimes

A new design was adopted for the ten cent denomination a little more than a decade after its introduction into commerce. Known as the Capped Bust Half Dime, the series would have a longer duration than the former and experience generally higher mintage levels. With the exception a few lower mintage issues, the series is approachable in circulated grades. Collecting higher mint state grades can prove challenging.

Capped Bust Dime

The obverse design of the coin features an image of Lady Liberty designed by John Reich. She is shown wearing a cap inscribed LIBERTY and with her bust partially draped. Thirteen stars appear surrounding the image and the date appears below.

On the reverse of the coin is the image of an eagle with a union shield at its breast. The eagle's talon's grasp a bundle of arrows and an olive branch. A scroll above reads E PLURIBUS UNUM. The words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA appear in a semi-circle at top, with the denomination expressed as 10 C. appearing at the base.

Initially, the coins were struck in a composition of 89.24% silver and 10.76% copper with a weight of 2.70 grams and diameter of 18.8 mm. After 1827, the composition was changed to 90% silver and 10% copper with a weight of 2.67 grams and diameter of 18.5 mm. At the same time, minor design changes were made coinciding with the switch to more modern machinery at the US Mint.

This site will provide additional basic information about Capped Bust Dimes including mintage figures for all dates of issue. A selection of coins available for sale is also presented for collectors pursuing coins from this intriguing series.